L’Chaim Messianic Congregation is a  Congregation of Jews and non-Jews who believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah of  Israel. We exist to reach the local, pre‑believing Jewish people with the fact that Scripture is God’s inspired and true Word; that Yeshua is the Risen Messiah of Israel, and that an abiding faith in Him is His only provision for eternal life in Heaven with the Lord.

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The opportunities and challenges to reach the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel” are ever present & unprecedented in our ministry’s history, so we value your faithful prayers as we attempt to discern the Lord Yeshua’s leading.


We welcome your financial support. Your practical support enables us to conduct our OUTREACH MINISTRY  approach in all we do.  When we say OUTREACH MINISTRY, there are a number of things we pray you will understand, including:

It’s our purpose: Ministry is our whole purpose. Supporting the vision of L’Chaim to see people become mature followers of Yeshua.

It’s our goalTo say YES to opportunities and requests to do ministry presenting the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

It’s our passion… so be careful, it’s infectious! And we pray that you will join with us and seek THE JEWISH ROOTS OF OUR FAITH.


L’Chaim seeks to reach Jewish people through the most effective and creative means possible.  Our skilled, well trained staff shares the Gospel with Jewish people in their homes and on the streets and school campuses.  We conduct Bible studies and evangelistic services. YET, the core of our ministry is one on one, heart to heart, home to home.  We are one of four Messianic congregations in the C & MA in the United States.


Our ministry in Davidic Dance is an expression of Praise and Worship to the Lord. We have practice for beginners every Saturday at 10am.


Share the Good News with your Jewish friends.  We have the  resources you need to witness.  If you are witnessing to a Jewish person and want us to pray with and for you or send materials to you, let us know by completing the attached form.

PRAY again and again

For the Body of Messiah to reach the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

Pray for salvation of the Jewish People.

And pray for the Christian and Missionary Alliance

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