Find Freedom in Forgiveness

Find Freedom in Forgiveness

Forgiving others… probably the hardest of all the domains because it calls for the removal of all the “targets” that we have set up on the shooting range of life. It appears to be one of the hardest tasks we are called to because, all too often and for years, we have identified ourselves or allowed others to identify us by our wounds, by how we have been hurt and crippled by the acts of others against us resulting in some form of personal trauma.

To move through this doorway, we must first recognize that we, as a member of the human race, though now fallen, were created in the Image of the Tri-Une God. Through faith in Messiah , the process of having the original created Image restored begins in us. That is why we are called “new creatures”, with a “new life”, “a new purpose”, where everything is “NEW”.

Forgiveness, being the twin sister of Love, is a trait of the original Image of God that we were created with.  We are called to grow, nurture, and exercise it as a part of the new life.   The innate desire to forgive is part of the image of God that we were created with.  We simply start by asking God to restore that part of His image within us.

Why? Because deep within each of us is the desire to be free and live a life of freedom.  Free from trauma, hatred, resentments, mistrust, anger, free from being the jailer of an empty prison where we are the only one left inside.  Our life sentence has been not one of victim but rather judge, jury and jail keeper.  Those who hurt us in the past, long ago moved on.  It is time for us to do the same.  Realize your new life sentence is one of FREEDOM and move forward.











Daughters of Zion

April 2017 Prayer Letter

April 2017 Prayer Letter


We pray this finds you and yours all well and blessed and used by the LORD in wondrous ways!  This Prayer Letter focuses on three “Ps”: Purim, Passover and Prayers!!!

Our youngest, Alyson, encouraged us to have a Purim Festival this year, focused on Children and their families.  We took the challenge to heart, and brought Congregants “on board”, and rented a Bounce House, Popcorn Machine and Snow Cone machine and offered face painting, crafts, etc., and handed out lots of groggers (noise makers), horns, plastic jewelry and crowns, etc, and costumes, which we’ve acquired through the years, for those who didn’t wear their own!!!  A big thunderstorm was coming, many prayed, and it (more…)

“No Matter What We Face – God is With Us!”

“No Matter What We Face – God is With Us!”

Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Messiah’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.

If you are suffering from a disease, an injury, or a chronic medical condition, you may wonder if you can ever be healed. The Bible has good news for you!

While doctors and medicine are a gift from God – His power is infinitely greater than any human wisdom or prescription. In fact, He “is able to do immeasurably more than (more…)

“Ever Wonder Why?”

“Ever Wonder Why?”

Question: “Why does God allow us to go through trials and tribulations?”

Answer: One of the most difficult parts of the believer’s life for some believers is the fact that becoming a disciple of Messiah does NOT make us immune to life’s trials and tribulations. Why would a good and loving God allow us to go through such things as the death of a child, disease and injury to ourselves and our loved ones, financial hardships, worry and fear? Surely, if He loved us, He would (more…)

Reaching the Lost

Reaching the Lost

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On  Monday 2 WEEKS AGO, there were two messages from Ana on L’Chaim’s voice mail – she wanted to speak with the Pastor right away!   On Tuesday Ana went to New Life Alliance Church where we meet, looking for a “Messianic Jewish Rabbi” to speak with and gave her card to the church’s secretary, who told her our Sisterhood meets there on Wednesdays at lunch time.   On Wednesday Ana (more…)