L’Chaim’s Messiah in the Passover Seder held at Embassy Suites in West Palm Beach 2017

L’Chaim’s Messiah in the Passover Seder 2017 

Marvelous Hanukkah Puppet Show at L’Chaim 12.24.16

Shabbat 12.3.16 at L’Chaim Messianic Congregation

Shabbat 12.3.16 at L’Chaim

Emily Johnson singing at the Pastor Appreciation Luncheon at L’Chaim! 10/29/16

Shabbat Service 11.5.16 video clip of worship

Shabbat Service Video clip of worship 11.5.16

Shabbat Service 11.5.16 Video clip of worship in the dance

Shabbat Service at L’Chaim 10.29.16

Simchat Torah Service at L’Chaim 10.29.16 Praising God for L’Chaim’s dance team! 

Click here for video clip of Shabbat Service on 10.22.16

Click Here for Video Clip of Shabbat Service at L’Chaim on 10.8.16

Click here for L’Chaim Torah Service video clip 10.8.16

Click here for The L’Chaim kindeleh singing “Oceans”
By Hillsong!! These kids are blessings!! 9.24.16

Click here for Shabbat Kadosh at L’Chaim on 9.17.16

Prayer for the Shabbat School kids at L’Chaim!! 9.10.16

Click here for Shabbat at L’Chaim 8,27,16

Click here for video of Oneg at L’Chaim. Shabbat 8/27/16

Click here for Tisha B’av service – 8/13/16

Click here for Shabbat 8.13.16

Click here for worship at L’Chaim Messianic Congregation

Click here for video of worship experience at L’Chaim Messianic Congregation 

Click here for video of Pastor Bruce Elman at Meyer Amphitheatre 6 16 16 

Click here for video of L’Chaim Praise & Worship Dance Team at Shabbat