Pastor Bruce Elman & Suzi Elman

Join us for afternoon Shabbat study!

Our beautiful L’Chaim Dancers!

Come a be a part of L’Chaim Messianic Congregation located in West Palm Beach in the beautiful Palm Beaches of Southeast Florida

Everyone is Welcome!!!

L’Chaim’s Passover Seder

WHEN: Friday, April 19, 2019 at 6:30 PM
WHEREAbacoa Country Club in Jupiter, FL
COST: $49.00 per adult / $15.00 per child (10 yrs and under)

Please call to reserve your seats by March 31st!

Call 561-350-6964 today!


Shabbat Services are at AGAPE WORSHIP CENTER 

1900 S. Congress Avenue
Palm Springs, Florida 33406





Shabbat Services

All are welcome to our Shabbat Services, Feasts & Festivals!

Join us every Saturday at 11:00 AM for a wonderful time of worship and powerful Biblical preaching followed by Oneg (fellowship meal), Bible Study & Hebrew Classes!

Children's Shabbat School

(thru age 13) meets every Saturday morning at 11:00 AM. Don’t miss our wonderful new CHAI (LIFE) curriculum that we’re teaching the children! They’re learning all about the Messianic Festivals and Feasts while we celebrate them throughout the year!

Torah Study - now also in Spanish!

Please join us for L’Chaim’s TORAH STUDY in Spanish every Shabbat following the ONEG!

For more info – please call 561-350-6964

Join us for a 12 Week Series on


At L’Chaim beginning February 9, 2019
Every Saturday after lunch 1:30-3:00 PM

Bible and Torah studies to follow this special class! 


& Inner Healing Classes

Sisterhood and Inner Healing classes  are meeting together for a “Bait of Satan” Book Study every Thursday beginning February 7, 2019 thru March. See “Bait of Satan” Book Study for details!

Please call Suzi for more info:
Click here for more Sisterhood info!

“Bait of Satan”
Book Study

This is a combined group of the Sisterhood and the Inner Healing classes. OPEN to ALL!
Every Thursday beginning February 7, 2019 thru March
Time: 11:30 – 1:00 PM!
Where: Tom Sawyer’s Country Restaurant
3208 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Dance Practice

When: Dance Practice meets every Saturday!
 9:30 AM
Where: L’Chaim

Men's Group

When: Men’s Group meets very other Tuesday!
February Schedule: 12th & 26th
Time: 11:30 AM
Call 561-350-6964 for details!

Thursday Night Gathering

Thursday Night Group/Outreach meets every other Thursday!
February Schedule: 7th & 21st
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: Tom Sawyer’s Country Restaurant, 3208 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Leadership Meetings

Leadership Meetings meet every other Tuesday!
February Schedule: 5th & 19th
Time: 6:00 PM
Where: L’Chaim
Call 561-350-6964 for details!

Words of Encouragement


Pastor Bruce & Suzi Elman

Pressing Forward

We have an enemy, his name is Satan and he hates us because we are GOD’S children, created in GOD’S image and we have fellowship with Him!                                      Satan wants us to always be looking at how far we have fallen; rather than how...

Believe the Impossible

In the natural, many things are impossible but in the supernatural realm with GOD, there is nothing impossible! GOD wants us to believe for great things—make big plans—then expect Him to do things so great that you will be left with our mouth hanging open...

Youthful Attitude

 As believers in MESSIAH, we need to always maintain a youthful attitude; no matter how old we are! Our usefulness to the kingdom never ends no matter what age we are!  Laughter is always a good thing in life. Some of us have been hurt deeply & have emotional...

Things of Old

As we read the verse of the day, GOD says He is doing a new thing. As we leave 2018 behind & move into a new year, GOD has for us; we will encounter all kinds of new opportunities & challenges! Facing these new challenges & developing new abilities is one...

Touching the Heart of God

Prayer is simple conversation with GOD and He always wants us to take all of our needs and concerns to Him! Expressing our concerns is certainly appropriate, but the most important part of prayer is focusing on GOD Himself—loving & worshipping Him!               ...

Spiritual Static

Sometimes when listening to the radio, we can experience static. Then we try to adjust the dial to get a clearer reception. Well, our Messianic life works in a similar way. We can make a decision & then might experience a nagging sense in our spirit...

Light of the World

Do you realize that everyone’s life makes a statement? Perhaps you’ve never looked at your daily routine as anything more than merely traveling back & forth to work & accomplishing daily tasks. If so, you might wonder what message this could...

Total Surrender

As believers, following the example of Yeshua, we should persevere in adversity & having confidence in GOD’S promises (His Word) & surrender it all to Him. If you are a take charge kind of person, you may find it hard to submit to the LORD! This...

Our Loving Friend

Human love pales in comparison to YESHUA'S divine love, which He demonstrated by dying on the cross to pay our penalty for sin! YESHUA lived a perfect live—one which was sinless & fully pleasing to GOD. He had no unrighteousness for which He owned...

The Power of Love

Believers are channels for GOD’S love. His love flowing through us is a powerful force that enables us to do more than the unbeliever who relies upon himself. The love that dwells in us is described perfectly in our verse today! First, “love is patient”...

L’Chaim means “to LIFE!” and we pray that you find LIFE in Yeshua,

the Messiah, the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE!

L’Chaim Messianic Congregation is a Congregation of Jews and non-Jews who believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah of Israel.

We exist to reach the local, pre‑believing Jewish people with the fact that Scripture is God’s inspired and true Word; that Yeshua is the Risen Messiah of Israel, and that an abiding faith in Him is His only provision for eternal life in Heaven with the Lord.

L’Chaim Messianic Congregation has been faithfully serving West Palm Beach and the greater Southeast Florida Palm Beach County community since 2003.

Please join us for our weekly Shabbat (Saturday) Service, held at Agape Worship Center in Palm Springs, Florida. During the Service, we include appropriate elements from traditional Jewish Services – including liturgical prayers and reading from the Hebrew Scriptures (Torah), with Messianic praise, worship, and dance as we are led by the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit.

Our Congregation Leader, Bruce Elman, then shares an encouraging message from the Word of God, and explains how it applies to our lives. Following Services we gather for the Oneg Shabbat lunch, fellowship, Bible study and Hebrew classes.