Encouraging Words with Pastor Bruce & Suzi Elman

In the Word, we read stories about GOD speaking to His prophets, and He still speaks to us today the same way!  We need to listen for that small, still voice; don’t let the busyness of this life keep you from hearing Him!

The first time He spoke was through the power of the Holy Spirit leading us into salvation; that was the beginning. If we listen carefully, He will call us during our sanctification, our walk with Yeshua, as the Holy Spirit stretches and grows us, as we’ve been set apart by Him and for Him.

He will continually remind us to use His power and resources so we can obey and live truly righteously. Then He calls us to service, giving us the abilities, time and resources for the good works He wants us to accomplish (ESPHESIANS 2:10). 

Then He calls us to accountability. One day we will have to give an account of how we used the resources He gave us!

Romans 14:12
So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.

Has life become so hectic that GOD’S voice is inaudible? Especially with all the craziness of today, we need now more than ever to give ourselves time to hear GOD speaking to us through His Word and in our prayer closets! 

During this time on earth, we all need to be guided and receive wisdom from the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit! Yes, in Yeshua’s Name. Amen.


Love & Blessings,

Bruce and Suzi Elman

L’Chaim Messianic Congregation