One in Yeshua

Encouraging Words with Pastor Bruce & Suzi Elman

The Bible says that GOD does not have favorites (Acts 10:34). By this we know He does not treat some people better than others and He is totally fair to everyone. He’s compassionate and merciful to the hurting and works to bring justice to their lives. 

The apostle James told the congregation not to pay special attention to people who wore fancy clothes and give them better seats in the synagogue. They were to treat all the people as worthy of respect no matter what they wore (James 2:1-4). 

YESHUA put an end to destination between people and said in Gal. 3:28, we are all one in Him! When we look around us, we need to see everyone as valuable, not looking at their color or race, what kind of car they drive or their professions or titles. We need to see all people as people whom YESHUA died for.

Rom. 2:11
“For there is no partiality with God…”

In our corner of the world, let’s treat people with infinite value as being loved and created by the GOD of this Universe because everyone of us are the apple of His eye!


Love & Blessings,

Pastor Bruce and Suzi Elman

L’Chaim Messianic Congregation

Good News

Encouraging Words with Pastor Bruce & Suzi Elman

When you receive exciting news, what’s the first thing you do? You probably call someone who will share your joy? As in our verse today, the apostle Paul told others about salvation for a similar reason.

Paul got saved on the road to Damascus (Acts 22), and he then dedicated the rest of his life to spreading the good news of the gospel (cross of YESHUA paid our sin debt in full)! He gave his time, energy and ultimately his life committing to spread the good news! He knew some would accept the truth while others would reject it. 

Paul himself couldn’t save people—he wasn’t responsible for their reaction. His task was simply to go and tell everyone about YESHUA. Because of his devotion to the LORD, he felt compelled to offer this glorious hope to a world that desperately needed forgiveness!

Romans 1:16

For I am not ashamed of this Good News about MESSIAH. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes—the Jews first and also the NON Jew.

Do you feel the same indebtedness that Paul felt? Pray that GOD would give you courage and wisdom to share the gospel with others in your sphere of influence!


Love & Blessings,

Bruce and Suzi Elman

L’Chaim Messianic Congregation